I spent many years working as a computer analyst before starting to train for the Priesthood and as a programmer there is an acronym

GIGO   –    Garbage in Garbage out!

This basically means that if you put bad information into a computer system you will get rubbish out.  The information you get out of any computer system is only a good as the information you put in.

It is the same with our health, if we over eat junk food, or binge on chocolates or beer, the outcome will be ill-health, high blood pressure, heart disease.  If we put rubbish into our body it will eventually break down.

The same goes for our minds, rubbish in rubbish out.  By filling our minds with the coarse and vulgar images and ideas that are fed to us through the TV and media we become mirrors of what we watch and listen too. Our thoughts and actions become influenced by what we feed them.

We have an obligation to guard our senses and be very careful with what we allow ourselves to watch or listen too, there is a saying “The eyes are the window to the soul”.  What we let into our hearts through our eyes and ears, will undoubtedly affect the way we live.

St Paul in today’s second reading offers us advice that is very relevant he tells us.

“Fill your minds with everything that is true, everything that is noble, everything that is good and pure.”

Because if we don’t! Our minds and souls will become rotten!