Today’s Gospel story told by Jesus is set at a wedding. The bridesmaids are sent out to wait for the bridegroom with oil lamps to light the way, some went with just the lamp and some took spare flasks with oil as well as the lamp.  The Bridegroom took a long time coming and the bridesmaids fell asleep.  When the call came that the bridegroom is coming they all got up, and the foolish ones realised that the oil was running out of their lamps and they had brought no extra, while the wise ones had plenty of oil and replenished their lamps in preparation for the bridal procession.

Of course we look deeper at the meaning of this parable, Jesus tells the disciples that this is what the kingdom of heaven is like, we need our oil lamps fully stocked for the arrival of the bridegroom(Jesus). 

I think there are two points to this parable

Firstly that we need to stay prepared and keep ready because at some point we will take our last breath and step out of life into eternity.  We don’t know when this will be but we need to be ready for it, at the moment of death and judgment we need to be fully pointed towards Jesus, like a ball thrown in a park it keeps going in the direction it is thrown.  When we die we will keep moving in the direction that our lives have been pointed towards, either heaven or hell.  When I die I want to be fully pointed towards Jesus so that I am ready to put my trust and hope in His infinite mercy and love, because if I’m not pointed towards Him there is only one other direction of travel.

Secondly how do we keep our oil stock full?  I would suggest by living a life love and service to God and our neighbour is the first and most important thing.  But also by feeding our souls with prayer, meditation, adoration of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament (Great article click here) and the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion.  In making time for God in our lives now, so that when we meet Him face to face we can recognise Him reflected in the glow of our brightly lit lamps.